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Bathing & Grooming

Companion Animal Care Center in Saltillo, MS provides bathing and grooming services through Twinkle Toes Grooming located inside our veterinarian clinic. Marianne, the owner and operator at Twinkle Toes is trained and experienced in all areas of bathing and grooming.
Grooming Saltillo

How often should I have my dog groomed?
Generally, we recommend getting your dog groomed every 6 – 8 weeks depending on how much you are able to do at home and what type of fur they have. We will assess each dog on a case by case basis.
Do you groom cats?
Yes, but most cats need to be sedated. With a few exceptions.
How often do my dog’s nails need trimming?
We recommend clipping your dog’s nails every 4 – 6 weeks.
Can you groom my large dog?
Due to limited space, I will need to use my discretion when taking in larger dogs.
How long does it take?
Grooms typically take 1 – 2 hours depending on the coat, cut and demeanor of your dog or cat.
Can I stay with my dog while they are being groomed?
No. Our liability insurance does not allow patrons in our “working” area. You are welcome to stay in the waiting room while you dog is being groomed.
My dog has bitten other groomers in the past, will you still work with them?
Yes, I will be happy to try. We will always try to groom your dog first without sedation; but do ask that you sign a consent form allowing our veterinarian to sedate your dog if needed. In some cases, sedation is better for the dog, thereby putting less stress on him/her.
How old should my puppy be before starts seeing a groomer?
We can start as early as 6 weeks.



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