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Microchipping Services

One in three pets gets lost or runs away. Having  your dog or cat  microchiped can help increase the chance that you and your loving pet will be reunited. Companion Animal Care Center provides microchipping services for dogs and cats through the Home Again national pet recovery database. Microchips are permanent identification systems that are about the size of a grain of rice. The microchip is implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades similar to the injection of a yearly vaccination. Each microchip has a unique identification number that is connected to your contact information. If your pet ever becomes lost, you may contact the microchip national database, who then sends out a missing pet alert to all the clinics and shelters in a 25 mile radius that participate in the program. Most all shelters and vet offices have scanners that can scan for a microchip, enabling database  registered pets and their owners to reunite and then the owners are contacted.

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Pets are lost far too often. Make an appointment with CACC to give your pet the best chance for a happy homecoming.